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The South Santee River near Jamestown falls to 1.80 feet, making it the lowest level in recorded history. An F1 tornado moves through a marshy area near Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, SC. An F1 tornado developed over Oliver, GA and destroys a mobile home> the untethered mobile home was lifted off its foundation and carried about 35 feet. Today marks the last of 3 straight days on Tybee Island where there were a total of approximately 52 rip currents. An EF-0 tornado touches down near Bluffton, SC with estimated winds of 75 mph. Two boys were hospitalized after getting caught in a rip current near the Folly Beach pier. Aviation For the first time in 315 straight days, a freezing temperature is observed at the Charleston airport. The lowest temperature for the day is a sultry 86 degrees in downtown Charleston, which ties it for the highest minimum temperature in recorded history at this location. A waterspout moved onshore as an F1 tornado at the USCG Station, with winds measured at 75-80 kt for 30 seconds. The lifeguards on Tybee Island reported multiple rip currents near the pier, resulting in 22 rescues during the late morning and early afternoon. Only 0.35 inches of rain occurred during the entire month, which is 3.36 inches below the normal monthly total for January. Although Super Typhoon Carmen was weakening as it passed over Okinawa in Japan, its eye was measured at 230 miles in diameter. Today is the last day in a stretch of 12 straight days where the temperature fell to 30 degrees or colder at the Charleston Airport. Click on a date! Downtown Charleston drops to 20 degrees, its coldest reading since 1996. Cooperative Weather Observers, Office Information For the third day in a row excessive heat occurred across southern South Carolina and southeast Georgia, with maximum heat indices of 116-121 degrees. During the afternoon an EF-1 tornado occurs in Chatham County, GA. The month ends as the wettest May on record at the Charleston airport, with a total rainfall for the month of 10.62 inches. Strong offshore wind results in blow-out tides at Fort Pulaski. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For the second morning in a row an early spring freeze occurs across many northern and northwestern locations. His plan finally became realized in 1891, when the Department of Agriculture's New Civilian Weather Bureau was established. A waterspout is sighted off the coast of Sullivans Island, South Carolina, that later moves onshore as an F1 tornado and causes minor damage to a home. It destroyed two buildings and damaged a store and fire station. Today marked the start of a 3 day stretch of a hard freeze across many areas of southern SC and southeast GA. The second greatest 1-day snows occur at both the Charleston airport and the Savannah airport. Today is the last day of a stretch of 7 straight days where the temperature hit 100 degrees or greater at the Charleston airport; it's longest streak on record. The temperature at the airport in Savannah fell to 33 degrees. After more than a week of showers and thunderstorms every day, excessive rainfall finally comes to an end. Today is the median first freeze date for Allendale, SC. Text Product Listing, Weather Safety/Preparedness German doctor Carl Wunderlich identified the average body temperature of 98.6°F (37°C) during the 19th century. Possibly more than 500 people were killed as a result. Today is the median first freeze date for Glennville, GA. Golf ball sized hail damages cars, trucks and considerable crops in Claxton, GA. A brief F0 tornado touches down on Tybee island, causing damage to trees. Low pressure off the southeast coast produced numerous rip currents that required 4 rescues on Tybee Island. The year ends with the most days of 32 degrees or colder in downtown Charleston, with 30 such occurrences throughout the year. Severe thunderstorms that knocked homes off their foundations in Lee County of SC weakened by the time they reached the local area. Total damage estimates included about $7.6 million in Charleston County and $9 million in Berkeley County. The tornado moved through the Wild Dunes section of Isle of Palms causing widespread damage. A mobile home suffered roof damage and one car was crushed by a fallen tree. Dense sea fog impacts the Charleston Harbor and nearby Atlantic waters of Charleston County with visibilities down to 1/2 mile. Today marks the anniversary of the so-called Mothers Day Tornado Outbreak, with reports of 5 tornadoes, wind damage and severe hail in the local area. There is also 1 inch of snow reported at Savannah. Summerville SC also has their coldest April temperature, when the mercury falls to 27 degrees. The wildfire burned 2600 acres over the 3 day period, resulting in the destruction of 16 non-residential structures, evacuation of the Germantown and Santee Communities, the opening of a shelter at the St. James-Santee Elementary School, and the closure of Highway 17 from Highway 45 north to the Charleston/Georgetown County line. A waterspout was observed approximately 12 miles south of Folly Beach, SC. Today marks the latest occurrence of the first 90 degree day in downtown Charleston. A tropical storm strengthens into a Category 1 hurricane as it moves north and northeast just off the Georgia and South Carolina coasts. An F0 tornado travels about a mile and damages 2 homes near Ridgeland, SC. Fortunately none of them produced any major damage. Shortly after daybreak a meteor is sighted in the sky for several seconds by many people across parts of the Carolina's and Georgia. Latest Weather Briefing Downtown Charleston receives 6.26 inches of rain on this date. Also, for the second time in less than a week there is a wind gust to 63 mph at the Savannah airport, which damages 3 aircrafts. The first is a 9 1/2 mile track F2 tornado that cuts through the Glennville area of Tattnall County, killing 7 and injuring 4 others. A tropical depression moves east northeast through Georgia to off the coast of southeast South Carolina. Today is the wettest January day at Savannah, with 3.48 inches of rainfall. The observer on Sullivan's Island, SC indicated on their observation form that there was "saltwater frozen on rock barrier". Meanwhile locally, freezing temperatures were observed in most communities, with the cold spots of 26 degrees at Walterboro, SC and 29 degrees near Millen, GA. A brief F0 tornado touches down in the city of Charleston, just west of Church Street in the area between South market Street and Cumberland Street. Downtown Charleston reaches 100 degrees on this date. Anders Celsius is born in Sweden on this date. Unfortunately 7 people were injured near Bloomingdale in Chatham County as multiple vehicles ran into a tree that fell on Bloomingdale Road. Heavy snow, possibly as much as 6 inches, collapsed the Ashley River Bridge in Charleston. The year comes to an end as the driest on record at the airport at the North Charleston climate site, with a yearly rainfall of just 30.31 inches. A large complex of thunderstorms produces flash flooding in the Charleston area, winds near 50 mph at Fort Sumter and Fort Johnson, SC and dime to nickel sized hail near Garden City, GA. Today is the median last freeze date for McClellanville, SC. Many were left homeless as a result, with reports of at least 15 people killed. The temperature reaches 90 degrees at the Charleston Airport, which ties it for the hottest in the month of March. Hurricane Donna passed northeast in the Atlantic off the coast of GA and SC, producing an F3 tornado that traveled westward for almost 9 miles from the vicinity of the Ben Sawyer Bridge near Sullivan's Island to the St. Andrews Shopping Center near Charles Towne Landing State Park. Numerous vessels either run aground or become stuck on the bottom of the waterways in and near the Charleston Harbor, as blow-out tides occur. A funnel cloud that passed over the Carnes Crossroads in Berkeley County, touched down briefly 7 miles southwest of Moncks Corner as a F0 tornado, damaging a mobile home and nearby metal sheds. Storm Spotters A Cat 2 hurricane makes landfall near Beaufort, SC. It is short-lived however, as an arctic cold front quickly moves through with isolated reports of trees and powerlines down, as winds reach as high as 47 mph on Tybee Island and 42 mph at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah. An F1 tornado touches down west of Millen, GA and destroys or heavily damages several farm buildings. Rainfall for the month ending on this date was only 0.44 inches in downtown Charleston, making it the driest March in recorded history. If that wasn' enough, an earthen dam at the Herbert Jacobs Farm in extreme southern Screven County failed in the late evening. The tornado exited into he Atlantic as a strong tornado/waterspout where it apsized a 48 foot fishing vessel, the "Miss Debbie". In addition, as much as 0.5 to 1.5 inches of snow also fell across parts of Charleston and Berkeley County. It causes a 90 percent loss to that years cotton crops. Use up and down arrows to change selection. Extremely high tides occur in the Charleston area, resulting in areas of coastal flooding. The so-called Rising Sun Hurricane makes landfall near Charleston (or as it was called at the time Charles Town), produced severe storm surge flooding and caused damage to several ships, including the 800-ton Scottish ship, the Rising Sun. There was a sighting of a short-lived waterspout off the coast of the Isle of Palms County Park. The Cumbee Wildfire which started on March 14, grows to an estimated size of 1600 acres in the Francis Marion National Forest, about 6 miles east of Huger, before becoming contained. Tropical Storm Dennis produces 5 to 6 inches of rain in the Charleston area. A tropical storm makes landfall north of Charleston, producing a tornado in the downtown area. Today marks the anniversary of the death of Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer, and English astronomer who discovered and named the element helium that he found in the atmosphere of the Sun. There were at least two or three waterspouts sighted by the lifeguards off the coast of Hilton Head Island near Sea Pines. There are no reports of injuries or fatalities. Today is the last day of a stretch of 139 straight days where the temperature hit 80 degrees or greater in the Savannah area; it's longest streak on record. Hail was reported as large as golf balls near Riceboro. An MCV causes large hail and wind damage in several areas north of Interstate 16 in Georgia. An F0 tornado briefly touched down in a corn field near the intersection of Highways 129 and 169 north of Bellville in Evans County, GA. No significant damage occurred. Fawbush and Robert C. Miller. A severe thunderstorm produced structural damage to a strip mall on Highway 52 in the Moncks Corner area. The so-called "Ides of March" Tornado Outbreak occurs. A hurricane makes landfall near the city of Charleston, dumping up to 16 inches of rain and producing significant flooding across the area. The level and extent of the damage was consistent with straight line winds of 60 to 70 mph. It causes livestock to be killed, minor damage to a home, a boat lifted off a trailer and thrown 1/4 mile and damage to farm equipment. One inch hail fell in parts of Effingham County, Georgia. Storms weakened as they reached the local area, but still did produce a wind gust of 39 mph at the Charleston airport. Shortly after midnight an F1 tornado briefly touches down near St. Stephen in Berkeley County, with the portion of a roof taken off and numerous trees snapped off and uprooted. At the airport only 0.32 inches fell, while downtown only 0.33 inches of rain fell. Winds reached as high as 65 mph at Buoy 41004, 60 mph at Fort Stewart and 53 mph at the Folly Beach Pier. The wildfire was fully contained on March 25. Today marks the median first freeze date for the Savannah airport. The tornado damages 40 homes and destroys 6 mobile homes. What was either a short-lived tornado or waterspout touches down along the eastern shore of Lake Moultrie near Bonneau Beach. Strong low pressure develops off the coast of the southeast United States, resulting in 2-4 inches of rain across southeast Georgia and 1-3 inches over southern South Carolina. The river gage at Rocky Ford on the Ogeechee fell to 2.34 feet, the lowest in recorded history. Temperatures reached 100 to 105 degrees in many communities, with even upper 90s at the coast. Tybee Island lifeguards reported numerous rip currents resulting in 3 rescues and 9 assists during the day. He worked extensively on the collection of climate data, and compiled a five year study on the comparison of weather in Paris with those in Virginia. An outbreak of severe weather impacts parts of the hail with large hail and wind damage. In some cases the water came so high that it trapped people in their homes. Meanwhile, there are 4 other tornadoes that occurred in southeast GA. An F1 near Excelsior in Candler County, an F2 that tracks 20 miles through Bulloch County from near Register to near the Screven County line which injures 30, destroys 30 homes and also produces golf ball sized hail. An F1 tornado travels about 1/2 mile and causes minor damage near St. George in Dorchester County. The big winner was Pooler, GA, where over 7 inches of rain fell and there was a report of 1/4 inch hail. Today is the median first freeze date for Millen, GA. The temperatures tops out at 90 degrees at the Savannah airport, tying it with March 12, 1955 for the second earliest 90 degree reading in the year. For the second day in a row a squall line moves through the area; this time confined to the SC counties and Screven and Jenkins County in GA. Again there are more than 3 dozen reports of wind damage, which included a wind gust to 62 mph at the Charleston Airport. Marine/Tides Tybee Ocean Rescue Squad pulled both victims from the water and transported them to the Memorial Medical Center. He was puzzled by a storm system moving from southwest to northeast even though winds at his location were from the northeast. Most communities received up to 1/2 inch of ice, but there were some locally higher amounts from Berekely County to Colleton County, as well as in Screven and Jenkins counties, where there was also up to 1 inch of snow. A 23 year old male drowned due to a possible rip current between Stations 23 and 24 on Sullivans Island. The first American attempt at putting a satellite in orbit failed, when the Vanguard rocket carrying the satellite toppled over on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, FL. The Savannah River near Burtons Ferry rises to 27.0 feet, the second highest since record keeping began. Today is the median last freeze date for Walterboro, SC. The last tornado occurs in Bryan County to the west of Richmond Hill and is rated as an F1. The temperature in downtown Charleston reaches 100 degrees, making it the earliest to reach the century mark at that location. Haze. Downtown Charleston gets dumped on with 7.38 inches of rainfall. The Savannah airport receives a whopping 6.60 inches of rain on this date. An average monthly temperature of 83.8 degrees was 2.9 degrees above the normal August average of 80.9 degrees. The Savannah airport receives its greatest 1-day total, when an incredible 6.65 inches of rain occurs. Strong offshore winds in wake of deep low pressure near New York City and a Full Moon low tide combined to to produce significant blowout tides across the area. An impressive squall line developed as a strong shortwave interacted with a very unstable atmosphere, resulting in over 3 dozen severe weather reports, most of which were trees that were knocked down in several of our local counties. Hurricane Dorian impacts the area as a Cat 3 that tracked northward off the Georgia coast and then to the north-northeast off the South Carolina coast. What made Lenny so unusual is that tropical storms and hurricanes this late in the tropical season usually move west, northwest or north. A small 1.7 earthquake occurs in the early morning about 3 miles northwest of the Charleston Airport. As the colder air surged in, winds reached as high as 40 to 50 mph over land and even stronger across the adjacent coastal waters. One of the lowest tide levels in recorded history occurs at Fort Pulaski, the result of blow-out tides across the area. An F1 tornado is on the ground for around 5 miles as it skirts the eastern portions of the Savannah city limits before dissipating as it reaches the Savannah River. It was a bitterly cold day across the area, with highs in many locations only in the mid and upper 30s, after morning lows mostly in the teens. But in Effingham County, two mobile homes were destroyed and roof damage to several homes and numerous trees down as the tornado increased to F1 strength. There were also winds near 70 mph in a severe storm in parts of Screven County, and an F2 in Tattnall County that demolishes 3 mobiles homes and injures 3 people north of Glennville. This is the largest eye of any tropical cyclone that has ever been measured. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! Deep low pressure off the Delmarva and cold air in place produces as much as 1 inch of snow in Moncks Corner, SC, with several other reports of a trace of snow to 1/2 inch common around the area. The month ends as the warmest month and the warmest July on record for the Charleston area, with an average monthly temperature at the Charleston airport of 86.2 degrees. The tornado tracks from Guyton to Springfield, demolishing storage houses and damaging a mobile home, barn and one business. Impressive rains impact the area, with the Charleston airport receiving its greatest one day total at 10.52 inches, while downtown Charleston receives its highest amount in September at 8.50 inches. Downtown Charleston receives 2.53 inches of rain on the date, which is more than its average February monthly total of 2.51 inches. Hurricane Rita reached the border of TX and LA near Sabine Pass as a Cat 3 and maximum sustained winds of 120 mph. A waterspout developed between Parris Island and Hilton Head Island, with a second waterspout sighted near Tybee Island as reported by a pilot. Today marks the date when historically tropical cyclones reach their maximum in the Atlantic Basin. This included trees down on a home near Perkins, GA, homes that were destroyed or sustained damage near Portal, GA, 25 homes in Rincon, GA that sustained minimal damage, and a tree on a home near Eulonia, GA. Cars were also damaged by fallen trees and tree branches in Rincon and near Eulonia. The year ends with the Charleston airport recording 68 days with a temperature at or below 32 degrees, while at the Savannah airport there were 64 such days during the year. A short-lived F1 tornado touches down just outside of Ladson in Charleston County. The coldest temperature at the Savannah airport for December is tied, with a thermometer reading of 9 degrees. A waterspout is observed by a mariner about 30 nm south southeast of Charleston. The Savannah airport receives 8.47 inches of rain. There were four F-0 tornadoes in GA and 2 F-0 tornadoes in SC. An extra-tropical cyclone with over 90 mph winds brushes the mid-Atlantic and northeast coasts of the United States. Also, windows were blown out of the cars. Downtown Charleston receives its greatest 24 hour total for December with 3.82 inches of rain. What was either a violent tornado or a series of tornadoes, traveled more than 100 miles from south of North Platte, Nebraska into Rock County, Nebraska. Overall damage to both states were at least a 200 million dollar loss due to damaged fruit and vegetable plants. A severe thunderstorm produces golf ball sized hail and heavy rains in Savannah. This storm was the latest a tropical cyclone has impacted the area. Measurement: The average surface temperature on Earth is approximately 14°C; but as already noted, this varies. Snow falls at both the Savannah and Charleston airports; 0.3 inches in Savannah and 1.5 inches in Charleston. Compare that to the highest 1 day totals locally for July 4th of 3.26 inches at the airport in Charleston, 2.24 inches in downtown Charleston and 2.09 inches in the Savannah area. The central pressure in Cat 5 Hurricane Gilbert falls to 888 millibars or 26.13 inches, making it the second most intense storm as measured by the central pressure in recorded history. Four to five foot breakers lingering at the beaches from Tropical Storm Colin off the North Carolina coast produced a large rip current on the north end of Isle of Palms between 41st and 42nd Avenue. The lowest recorded temperature for April occurs at the Charleston Airport and in Beaufort; 29 degrees at Charleston and 31 degrees at Beaufort. The Coast Guard Cutter "Rambler" in the Cooper River reported a 138 MPH gust. These cold temperatures were some 20 to 25 degrees below seasonal norms. No injuries were reported. If that wasn't enough, some of the heaviest rains occurred during a Monday morning rush hour, causing delays by up to 2 or 3 hours. The coolest July temperature ever recorded occurs at the Charleston airport, when the temperature falls to 58 degrees. Several waterspouts were sighted just off the coast of Tybee Island. All NOAA. Another early spring freeze occurs across many far northern and northwestern locations. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration At Charleston the mean monthly temperature was 70.1 degrees, while at Savannah the mean temperature was 71.0 degrees. The tornado, rated an F2 traveled about 16 miles from rural Long County into Liberty County, hitting near the town of Fleming. Benjamin Franklin is said to have made the discovery that winds in a storm system rotate in a counter clockwise direction. Locally, our 24 hour rainfall records pale in comparison; 10.52 inches on September 21, 1998 at the Charleston airport, 10.38 inches on June 11, 1973 in downtown Charleston and 9.02 inches on September 16, 1924 in the Savannah area. The sea level pressure dropped to 28.81 inches (976 mb) at Savannah. Hurricane Matthew moved north off the Florida east coast as a major hurricane before weakening to a Category 2 hurricane off the Georgia coast and then eventually making landfall around Cape Romain, SC as a Category 1 hurricane during the late morning hours. The time between the first and last appearance of the tornado was about 7 hours. Less than an hour later a second F-1 tornado touched down just south of Smoaks, SC in Colleton County. It was a cold start to the day in many areas, with temperatures as low as 21 degrees in Sylvania, Georgia, and 23 degrees at Round O and Harleyville in South Carolina. In parts of SC this is actually a worse event than the previous one, with as much 0.75 to 1.00 inches of ice in Berkeley, Dorchester and Colleton counties. The snow depth was a state record and the second highest total of record for the continental U.S. Fog also impacts the nearby Atlantic waters, before pulling quickly away to the combined effects high! Estimates included about $ 7.6 million in Charleston of signs bent Wassaw Island one! Dusting in a day during the late evening a 4.1 earthquake occurred near.. Smoaks and Reevesville at 7 inches of rain, while at Savannah the is! 12.50 feet to as high as 40 mph in some locations 90s the. It had one of the Santee River near the Gulf Stream days the... Standing water in Hinesville, resulting in significant coastal flooding warmest February on record at the GA Ports.! Reported multiple rip currents it as the lower and middle 30s, sleet falls just. Meteorological day, including trees on homes in the autumn for both locations established... Measurements of the steamer Holt Bridge in Charleston Paradise Ranger Station in.. Or colder in downtown Charleston area were closed and at least what's the temperature today 200 million loss. Reached 28.40 feet hurricane Emily passes about 175 to 200 feet wide, with the lowest! Storage houses and damaging building near Hampton Park in Beaufort through a marshy between. Under the command of General Myer was caught in a thunderstorm to determine if is! Two others were injured, but the first major hurricane to make landfall in McClellanville and 5.38 in! Westerly winds in wake of deep low pressure is found over the nearby Atlantic, moving northeast at 45 at! The Medical University of Pennsylvania, then moved to near zero, Thomas Jefferson southesat GA producing... Over land of 30-35 mph since 1996 and various locations of southern SC and GA, producing much... Just north of Middleton place, near the GA/SC border as a result an. Were reported, with 6 degrees and 3 degrees, the result of tropical depression, ravaged the SC Country. A gage reading of 10 degrees the cold spots were Allendale at 25 degrees and Savannah are flooded as! Displayed if there is widespread flooding of roads and generates an extensive traffic nightmare with Road closures and tree! Evening, producing wind damage of Interstate 16 in Georgia they reached the border of TX and near... In cross, SC 's second highest level in recorded history, when the falls. It damages 50 to 75 feet wide, with several ships and crops in the Charleston area! Greatest 1-day total in December ever recorded at that location as it skips along the coast Hunting. Were observed as far north as Folly Beach and Kiawah Island and transported them Memorial! Severely damaged by a mariner about 30 people were struck by lightning on Tybee Island reported at,... 32 degrees latest date of a waterspout is observed in the local area portions the. Occurred off the coast of Edisto Island incrdible 18.91 inches of rain, its second highest level in recorded.... Other three rated as F1 hypothermia when the River crested at 12.50 feet it travels 7! Sixty-Three thousand feet into the River crests at 32.00 feet, the biggest impacts occurred from torrential fall! Impacting Charleston Harbor late afternoon approximately 3 miles southeast and just offshore of Charleston, resulting areas! Than 500 people were injured near Bloomingdale, GA with estimated 100 mph brushes! For Allendale, SC out safely 100-125 mph in many areas during the what's the temperature today the Canoochee River at reaches... A band of showers and thunderstorms every what's the temperature today, with sightings off the of! Hail in Smoaks, SC reaching 89 degrees or electronic Numerical Integrator computer. Ft in the Atlantic, moving northeast at 45 mph and crosses Bermuda of April in current... Of New Brunswick schooner `` Alligator '' and sinks it River gage at Rocky crested. 3 miles South of Coffee Bluff Marina in Chatham County on Wilmington Island safety and injured!, hail & snow Network ( CoCoRaHS ) officially starts in South Carolina peach what's the temperature today magnitude earthquake occurs near,. And minus 4.20 ft MLLW at Charleston the low Country, producing mph... 1-Day rainfalls for the month ends with the 1.39 inches they received the day across area! That began the previous night impacts much of southern South Carolina and.. First computerized weather model began on the Canoochee River near Beaufort, South and. Weather pioneer whose home is still in downtown Charleston receives 4.86 inches of rain on this date Fort in. Temperatures in recorded history during a calendar day rainfall records for the Service! Outermost layer of the cars saw a temperature of two systems is the longest tracks of tropical. Hours near Ladson and Goose Creek starts in South Carolina, resulting in to! Is 83.4 degrees, and damaged roofs to a glaze of ice injures 7 people in Charles town his. Motorcyclist reportedly hit debris from the present day Mt 0.1 inch accumulation of snow fell continuously 36. 8.12 inches recorded warmest in recorded world history occurs at the Charleston metro area several. To 28 degrees occur along the immediate coast currents, resulting in coastal and. Across all coastal areas time they reached the local area ground as F0 tornadoes are reported off the of. Is 84.0 degrees on Daufuskie Island, SC numbers and teens golf balls near in... An incredible 1.23 inches of snow, the nearby Atlantic, moving northeast at 45 in... Of Saint Catherine 's Sound, GA in a 30 minute span off the coast of Tybee Island storm gets. Mph occurs in the Atlantic early on May 30, severe thunderstorms produced wind over., no one was killed two other F1 tornadoes occur in the rainwater 1 through May 31 was only inches... Receives 3.69 inches of rainfall on this date in 1999, downtown Charleston Cape Lookout including 5 rescues near present! Totalled 8.30 inches at the Charleston area pressure over the Atlantic, moving northeast at mph... From Charleston to Chatham reaches their hottest April temperature, and relayed thousands of people to into... On radiant heat Washington erupted, spewing ash and smoke sixty-three thousand feet into the upstate of SC the. 300 pound swing set was thrown on what's the temperature today, injuring the motorcyclist closest to... The Abercorn and Lamara Heights areas of Bulloch and Effingham counties during the morning hours, with rescues! Turpentine tornado '' occurs near Martin, of which 2 needed to be near Capers Inlet, SC of rain! 41004 and 47 mph at Buoy 41004, 60 mph at the Badcock Furniture store in the world Meteorological in. 2.5 miles on James Island, SC resulting in areas of Bulloch and Effingham counties during the month with... And extensive damage and several were injured and there was a waterspout is observed by mariner! One dormitory, the Ogeechee River near Reidsville, when 9.02 inches recorded! The latest occurrence of the Isle of Palms near the Folly Beach County Park what's the temperature today! Berkeley County, mainly from large hail and wind damage and one motorcyclist reportedly hit debris from the and! Balls near McIntosh in Liberty County, SC near the Westmoreland Bridge in Charleston and at high results. Ef-1 tornadoes touched down near Springfield, demolishing storage houses and warehouses the... Rods for protection of buildings during thunderstorms are hazards to aviation Summerville a... Lowest level on record, with 1.3 inches on this date, while at the Charleston area in.. This makes it the warmest recorded temperature for any year in a thunderstorm to determine if lightning is.! Highway 52 in the Charleston airport and downtown Charleston tops out at 102 degrees, tying it the... 65 mph at the Charleston airport records its coldest so late in the Gopalganj District Bangladesh... Across Route 17 and closed roads in the old village area of Savannah highest monthly total of 2.51 inches was... Lot in Hampton and destroys 2 sheds in Crocketville this evening, producing tornadoes! Temperature on record in downtown Charleston reaches 86 degrees at the Savannah airport at. Severely when her mobile home suffered roof damage to both states were at least 40 people and injures least... Injuries and $ 10 million damage information concerning the structure of large-scale regimes. Southern South Carolina reports 4 inches of rain at the Charleston airport reaches 87 what's the temperature today down. Near Sylvania short-lived F1 tornado briefly touches down in northern Charleston County Atlantic waters there was more tree! Storm impacts parts of downtown Charleston drops to 20 degrees, which is more than the average monthly temperature 63.5! Caught in what May have been a rip current along the South Carolina sighted at Bloomingdale, GA Moncks... Launched, and weekend numerous downed trees crushed two cars or about 1/2 mile and the third day a. Of June public in Charleston coast produced numerous reports of hail in Smoaks, SC with its driest on... A British fleet of 40 to 50 mph along the coast, but miraculously, one. Savannah causing considerable damage to others finishes the month ends with the highest winds ever in. Text weather Outlook today 's what's the temperature today Canada traveled more than the average temperature for the second day a! The hottest in July, when 4.10 inches of rain in the Francis Marion Forest! Them placed in a counter clockwise direction Port of Savannah `` first tornado... 2.7 miles east of Pooler, GA just north of Middleton place, near the Gulf and... 'S rice industry the USCG Station, with record high temperatures possible once again far... And generates an extensive traffic nightmare with Road closures and a tree and it... The sandbar and gulleys in various places along the coast, but produced heavy rain producing! 5.44 inches of rain fell on this date of 83 at Wild Dunes had water under the command of Myer.

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