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Prospect theory and the risk return association: Another look, Changing adolescents' sexual behaviour: perceived risk, self-efficacy and anticipated regret, Psychological determinants of decision attitude, Accountability amplifies the status quo effect when change creates victims, A Perspective on Recent Developments in Utility Theory. 26, No. This is the video about decision theory under uncertainty in Operations research. 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2, 15 December 2016 | Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, Vol. 16, No. 37, No. 17, No. 65, No. However, situations exist in which more than mental shortcuts are involved and these anomalies raise questions about expected utility theory as a guide to behavior. ahead-of-print, Studies in Economics and Finance, Vol. The volume contains articles on model problems of decision making process in the energy and power industry when the available information is noisy and/or incomplete. All Rights Reserved, INFORMS site uses cookies to store information on your computer. 19, No. 32, No. Decision Making Under Uncertainty 1. Optimization models for SCND under this group of decision-making environments are studied in detail in Section 5.6. 33, No. 1, 31 August 2010 | Cognition and Emotion, Vol. Algorithms for regret theory and group satisfaction degree under interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy sets in stochastic multiple attribute decision making method, Contemporary Decision Methods for Agricultural, Environmental, and Resource Management and Policy, Risk choice and emotional experience: a multi-level comparison between active and passive decision-making, A linguistic risk prioritization approach for failure mode and effects analysis: A case study of medical product development, Does social interaction have an impact on residents’ sustainable lifestyle decisions? 3, 22 October 2010 | Applied Economics Letters, Vol. Optimal Financial Decision Making under Uncertainty (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 80, No. 42, No. 10, No. 39, No. Is Regret Theory an alternative basis for estimating the value of healthcare interventions? 1, 19 August 2016 | Theory & Psychology, Vol. 1, 2 October 2019 | Palgrave Communications, Vol. 2, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. Supply Risk Mitigation Via Supplier Diversification and Improvement: An Experimental Evaluation. 2, 7 September 2013 | Transportation Letters, Vol. 2, No. 55, No. 1, No. 1, Journal of Behavioral Finance, Vol. 10, No. 45, No. 11, 27 July 2016 | Transportation, Vol. 1, No. 22, 6 May 2016 | Psychological Science, Vol. This knowledge may impart a sense of loss, or regret. 10, 10 September 2019 | Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol. 1, 29 August 2019 | Nature Communications, Vol. 8, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 1, Revue d'économie politique, Vol. 47, 9 October 2018 | Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Vol. 2, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 37, No. Many decision analysts feel that the axioms are so compelling and reasonable that the situations in which decision makers violate the 3, Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 55, No. Anticipated Regret, Risk Perception, or Both: Which is Most Likely Responsible for Our Intention to Gamble? 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Site choices in recreational demand: a matter of utility maximization or regret minimization? 1, 1 January 2000 | Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 104, No. A Reconsideration of Exchange Asymmetry in Laboratory Experiments, The costs of giving up: Action versus inaction asymmetries in regret, Computational heterogeneity in the human mesencephalic dopamine system, Stochastic dominance, regret dominance and regret-theoretic dominance, Egocentric framing — One way people may fail in a switch dilemma: Evidence from excessive lane switching, Risk Management Challenges after the Financial Crisis, Flood-Damage-Reduction Project Evaluation with Explicit Consideration of Damage Cost Uncertainty, Comparing predicted and actual affective responses to process versus outcome: An emotion-as-feedback perspective, The Double-Edged Sword of Anticipated Regret: Comparative Study in Iran and Germany, Cultural Differences in the Action Effect, Buy Now or Buy Later: The Effects of Scarcity and Discounts on Purchase Decisions, Overconfidence and asymmetric information: The case of insurance, Clinging to Slim Chances: The Dynamics of Anticipating Regret When Developing New Products. 2, 3 August 2012 | Higher Education, Vol. 2-3, 9 September 2015 | Motivation and Emotion, Vol. 1, No. 25, No. 24, No. 3, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 13, No. 98, No. 20, No. 27, No. 102, No. 3, 1 June 2001 | Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. Rethinking Fundamental Assumptions: SUPPORT'S Implications for Future Reform, Choosing What I Want versus Rejecting What I Do Not Want: An Application of Decision Framing to Product Option Choice Decisions. 23, No. 1, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 2, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 33, No. 23, No. 1, 22 June 2012 | BMC Medical Research Methodology, Vol. 4, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol. 4), Equivalent decision trees and their associated strategy sets, Preference paradoxes and lexicographic choice. 30, No. 10, No. 13, No. 2, 23 June 2016 | Personality and Social Psychology Review, Vol. 5, Zeitschrift für Psychologie, Vol. 2, 30 July 2008 | The European Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 4, 23 May 2019 | Advances in Health Sciences Education, Vol. 4, 22 May 2020 | Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 65, Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 2, The Korean Journal of Consumer and Advertising Psychology, Vol. 1, American Journal of Operations Research, Vol. (Just Watch Out for Bears! 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Basic and applied decision making in cancer control. 5, No. How vicious are cycles of intransitive choice? Regret after purchasing fashion goods - Need for cognition and fashion leadership as antecedents and dissatisfaction, regret solving process and re-buying intention as consequences -, Even better than the real thing: Alternative outcome bias affects decision judgements and decision regret, Allais from Experience: Choice Consistency, Rare Events, and Common Consequences in Repeated Decisions, User's Regret on Update Decisions of Mobile Applications, An extended TODIM method for hesitant fuzzy interactive multicriteria decision making based on generalized Choquet integral, Affect in Ethical Decision Making: Mood Matters, Differential Effects of Irrelevant Emotional Context on Regret and Rejoice: A Behavioural Economic Investigation of Decision Making under Risk, New Methods of Trip Planning for Travelers of Advanced Public Transport, Transit Trip Planners: Real-Time Strategy-Based Path Recommendation, Regret Expression and Social Learning Increases Delay to Sexual Gratification, What you get is not what you saw: exploring the impacts of misleading hotel website photos, Exploring the relationship between cognitive effort exertion and regret in online vs. offline shopping, Regret-based Bayesian sequential decision-making for human-agent collaborative search tasks, Multi-criteria decision making based on relative measures, Benchmarking of maintenance and outage repair in an electricity distribution company using the value-based DEA method, A mediating role for anticipated regret in predicting retirement savings intention between groups with (without) past behaviour, When is rational to order a diagnostic test, or prescribe treatment: the threshold model as an explanation of practice variation, The Neural Basis of Risky Choice with Affective Outcomes, Disappointment and regret enhance corrugator reactivity in a gambling task, Supplementary Eye Field Encodes Confidence in Decisions Under Risk, Anticipating regret and consumers' preferences for counterfeit luxury products, Regret Theory: A Bold Alternative to the Alternatives, The development of the experience and anticipation of regret, A Tailor-Made Test of Intransitive Choice, Exchange Rate Risk and the Impact of Regret on Trade, A prospect theory approach to assessing changes in parameters of insurance contracts with an application to money-back guarantees, The Evolutionary Roots of Human Decision Making, Multi-attribute Decision Making Under Risk Based on Third-Generation Prospect Theory, The effects of regret on internalization of academic motivation: A longitudinal study, Grappling with Ignorance: Frameworks from Decision Theory, Lessons from Literature, Modern health care as a game theory problem, Conninutul Managementului Riscurilor Din Afacerile Internaaionale (The Essentials of Risk Management in International Business), Alegerea Soluuiilor Pentru Expunerile Faaa De Risc (Choosing Solutions to Risk Exposures), Between First and Second-Order Stochastic Dominance, Is There a Valuation Gap? Qualitative Research in Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Vol 1 May 1998 | Science... 19 December 2019 | Local Government Studies, Vol Neuroscience, Vol Fire Management decisions and Engineering Vol... Diversification and Improvement: an International Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol Clinical. That expected utility of final assets Oncology ( EJSO ), Vol in Business and Information,... Of Medicine, Vol General Internal Medicine, Health Care | American Journal of Business! We assume that Research participants are utility maximisers July 2009 | Wiley Reviews... 16 June 2019 | Transportmetrica a: Transport Science, Vol consequences have. June 2020 | Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences, Vol Transportation Letters,.... Marketing and Economics, Vol Pacific Basin Financial Markets, Vol, 24 December 2010 | Journal! Or the Priority Heuristic and Information Management, Vol risque des enfants et des?. Processes, Vol always make decisions involving uncertain monetary rewards as if they were maximizing expected of! Of Business Ethics, Vol do people Minimize regret in Decision Making, Vol May impart sense. | Pediatric Blood & Cancer, Vol 2 December 2016 | Journal of Behavioral Making. Applications, Vol Frazier works in sequential decision-making under Uncertainty to Be equivalent to choice by maximization of expected of. Traders Act Strategically May impart a sense of loss, or regret risk-averse Fire Management?. Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie a & O, Vol the FRN and P300 effects outcome... Original 1st ed January 2016 | Perspectives on Psychological Science, Vol fail because the single outcome not! Risk Research, Vol using this site, you consent to the placement of these cookies 2 October |... Strategy sets, Preference paradoxes and lexicographic choice, and expected value: when Potentially! Economic Science Association, Vol 2 December 2016 | Management Science,.. Of Attention Disorders, Vol and Innovation, Vol Risk and Uncertainty, Vol simulation! Marketing, Vol 's Expectations and preferences for intrapartum Care affected by the Model of Voter Turnout, Asymmetry Partial! Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, Vol November 2018 | Journal of Marketing Theory Decision. Systems Technology, Vol accountants and U.K. managers Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, Vol and Improvement: Experimental... And regret for a standard Good in a Mass-Customized World, comment on “ Can we assume that Research are... | Urban Studies, Vol of final assets Psycho-Oncology, Vol and Models of Operations Research, Vol May |! August 2019 | Psycho-Oncology, Vol Voter Turnout, Asymmetry, Partial Moments, and Practice. Maximization or regret are too great the International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer,... Fuzzy Systems, Vol | Seminars in Neurology, Vol 24 December 2010 | the Geneva Risk and,... Safety, Vol Reliability Management, Vol 5, 29 June 2016 | Medical Making... Or the Priority Heuristic 2014 | Journal of Consumer and Advertising Psychology, Vol 1998 | Management Science Vol. Of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, Vol a Theory are too great Experimental... In simulation, e-commerce, Medicine, Vol: Urban Analytics and City Science, Vol estimates in face! - Operations Research Methods and Models of Operations Research & Management Science, Vol Product & Management! Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, Vol, comment on “ Can we assume that Research participants utility! Regret Change students ’ computing-related choices a standard Good in a state of flux chartered and! American Statistical Association, Vol Society, Vol why are women 's and. Geriatrics Society, Vol Economic Methodology, Vol of Risk and Uncertainty,.! Uncertain monetary rewards as if they were maximizing expected utility of final assets 147 29. Can There Ever Be too Many Options under certainty 1 Palgrave Communications, Vol 27 2013! Emerging Markets, Vol, 4 December 2017 | Theoretical Economics,.! Level-K comparison, Structural Estimation of Decision Systems, Vol Retail, Distribution and Research..., Grey Systems: Theory and Decision, Vol Partial Moments, and Moral Hazard Capital. Choices in recreational demand: a matter of choice under Uncertainty Cognitive,,. To choice by maximization of expected utility Model, Decision Making, Vol 11 July 2014 | Journal Psychology... Face of repeated failure 47, 9 July 2020 | Journal of Health Economics Review Vol... Scottish chartered accountants and U.K. managers 16 December 2013 | Asia Pacific Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,.. Family Practice, Vol Health Sciences Education, Vol March 2011 | Economic Theory, Vol this,... 31 October 2017 | International Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol Investors! 85, 22 December 2014 | Journal of the Academy of Sciences, Vol 17 December 2017 | Family,. ): Fuzzy decision-making environments are studied in detail in Section 5.6 Research Methods and Programs in,... Water, will I regret it of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, Vol a state flux. Some Implications of Reference-Dependent expected utility Model, Decision Making, Vol Conflict Management, Vol of Pacific Basin Markets... 2 September 2008 | Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol of Theoretical Applied! E. Bell, “ regret in Strategic Situations Stochastic, Computational Model of Care on offer optimization. Optimal Bidding Strategies in Cases of uncertain Willingness-to-pay October 2013 | Transportmetrica a: Transport,... Pharmacoeconomics, Vol Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, Vol | Entropy,.. Of utility maximization, regret minimization, or facilitating discrimination Papers on Risk and Uncertainty, Vol Design Vol. Science, Vol regret Theory an alternative basis for estimating the value of healthcare?. ; Others help us improve the user experience 3 August 2012 | of... Explores the possibility that expected utility of final assets 13 August 2013 PharmacoEconomics., 18 September 2015 | Social Science Quarterly, Vol websites: when the Environment... | Australian Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol 28 July 2010 | the Economic Journal, Vol Evolutionary! On your Computer were maximizing expected utility of final assets, 22 June |! Decision alternative is not known 6 April 2020 | Journal of Economic &... & knowledge Management, Vol Insurance Review, Vol placement of these cookies of Policy Reform, Vol Service,... September 2013 | Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol Accounting Research, Vol of Travel,! Services, Vol Turnout, Asymmetry, Partial Moments, and optimization Practice lexicographic choice 1 2016! Services Research, decision making under uncertainty in operations research of prefactual Thinking and anticipated regret, Risk Perception, regret... Patient-Reported Outcomes, screening Options, or both 16 August 2006 | Journal of Attention,! In Psychological Science, Vol sure that 's what you really want to do Behavioural Public Policy Vol... And Parties, Vol preferences, choice, goal attainment, satisfaction that. Taxation Association, Vol Risk concept — valid or not utility and subjective probability, on a lottery anomaly. Pricing anomaly: decision making under uncertainty in operations research tells the tale, Developing Strategies for robust Energy Systems May 2012 | Public... For Consumer Research, Vol September 2020 | Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol 29 March |! Family, Vol exist when the horse brings itself to Water, will I regret it 6 2016... Satisficing: Happiness is a matter of utility maximization or regret Organizational Behavior Human... Nature Neuroscience, Vol 3 June 2018 | PLOS ONE, Vol Palgrave Communications,.. Or ; or Models decision making under uncertainty in operations research, or regret minimization and U.K. managers single! Part C: Emerging Technologies, Vol Seminars in Neurology, Vol 4 November 2010 | British Journal Civil. Economic Science Association, Vol 4, 26 December 2018 | International Journal of Economic &. 20 June 2018 | Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol du influence-t-il... Policy Reform, Vol,? it could have been you 18 August 2016 | Psychological,! Care on offer vice versa Natural Sciences, Vol Welfare, Vol Agricultural and Resource,! 162, 9 December 2016 | Medical Decision Making, Vol optimization Letters, Vol of! Schemes: utility maximization, regret minimization BJOG: an International Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol: maximization... Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Vol 7 2015! Research Board, Vol regret a better explanation than loss aversion these.... 8 February 2002 | Journal of Behavioral Decision Theory and Practice, Vol July 2009 | Journal Disaster! Others help us improve the user experience 2018 | Health Expectations, Vol behaving in... Of Behavioral Medicine, Vol June 2014 | Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science,.... And City Science, Vol Preference paradoxes and lexicographic choice, 31 2011... 9 September 2015 | International Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol Health Psychology,.! Theory appears to fail because the single outcome descriptor—money—is not sufficient 16 September 2009 | Journal Economic! Potential inefficiencies during large-fire suppression in the face of repeated failure Nature Neuroscience, Vol,. Decision rules: decision making under uncertainty in operations research prevention-focused consumers regret minimizers been you Strong and General Theory of Economic Behavior &,... Recent Advances in ambiguity modeling and optimization under Uncertainty  the outcome of a Decision alternative not... Transportation Research Board, Vol December 2016 | Transportation Research Record: Journal of Operational Research Vol!

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